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Waterdog in California, and Fiberglass Specialties in Massachusetts. Both had similar pricing, but I went with Fiberglass Specialties in Mass as they were closer to me, and had done many tanks for Joe Yaiullo up in Long Island. The tank was a fully custom build… they made a mold just for this tank, as I was very specific with what I wanted.
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Whether you need conical bottom tanks, fiberglass storage tanks, or other bulk storage tanks, it's important to choose a quality tank manufacturer like Belding Tank Technologies. (800) 253-4252 (616) 794-1130
21 – ST. GEORGE STAINLESS STEEL TANKS, Capacity 2,015 Gallon to 19,829 Gallon, Sizes 72” Dia to 180” Dia, Available with Lightnin Agitators 4 – MARK STEEL STAINLESS STEEL PRESSURE TANKS, Capacity 450 Gallon / 800 Gallon / 6700 Gallon, Sizes 48” Dia x 96” & 96” Dia x 184”, 16,121 Gallon Duplex Tank This page is about 600 Gallon Stock Tank,contains Tanks-Fiberglass/Poly,1000 gallon stock tank,600 gallon fiberglass tank with window | MonsterFishKeepers.com,600-Gal. Slide-In Tank and more...
Fiberglass Aquariums Though the bulk of our fabrications are acrylic, there are situations where a fiberglass aquarium is likely a better candidate. For larger installations, a fiberglass shell with acrylic viewing window(s) is often more economical than building a large tank from all acrylic materials. Fiberglass panels are not limited to available sheet size as… Ace Tank & Fueling Equipment is a Seattle-based company that offers customers across the entire United States aboveground and belowground tank equipment and solutions for various
Steel inner tank with concrete outter enclosure. Previously used for disel storage. I was told they are UL 2085 Protected. Free loading& storage for 1 year. Transportation available 1.000 gallon tanks weigh 19,000 pounds-$3350 2,000 gallon tanks- 38,000 lbs- $5350(empty weights) Diameter 5"6 Length 7 foot 11"9 Tall Diameter 6"8 Length 13"10 7 ... NeXus RV’s Ghost is the finest luxury diesel super C available. NeXus’s flagship Ghost has all the benefits of a diesel pusher, such as luxury interior appointments and top of the line materials, paired with a full featured International air ride chassis with air brakes, exhaust brakes, and 20,000lbs of towing power.
'Loaf' style low profile below ground tanks (maximum backfill cover depth - 4′). The unique Triangular Ribs provide unparalleled ability to resist vertical and horizontal ground pressure. Sizes range from 750 imperial gallons (900 US gals.) to 1350 imperial gallons (1500 US gals.) Each tank has two 19″ dia. manholes with provision to install 24″Related Categories 55 Gallon Drums Plastic Containers Cone Bottom Tanks Plant & Facility Supplies Poly Tanks Plastic Oil Tanks IBC Totes Water Tanks Fiberglass Fabrication Double Wall Tanks All Plastics and Fiberglass, Inc. Mobile, AL 800-226-1134
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